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Beer, Cocktails, Live Performance Entertainment and the occasional throwback CD jukebox, featuring multi-generational music and the legacy of Richmond's most beloved Rock Bands honored for posterity. That's the concept behind Rick’s Rock Café, RVA Rock & Roll Hall of Fame which will offer Richmonders’ a place that belongs, exclusively, to YOU!

This is THAT BAR that once existed in most neighborhoods that offered up some the tried and true classics like home styled fries, burgers and hoagies. Where there is something for everyone including video games, sponsored billiards tournaments, events, some darts with the occasional live entertainment both local and celebrity, even slot machines. We'll be making late nights great again. A place to chill out among friends while they reminisce to the music of their youth. Seriously, is there anything else you really need? This will become known as Central Virginia's music-lover’s haven for affordable social gatherings and good vibes, making it the perfect place to sit back and relax the way it used to be, should be and will be, once again.

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